[Zmagnette] MG 1100

Paul Barrow paul.barrow at centurytel.net
Sun Nov 24 10:16:31 MST 2013

Arch et al

Without being able to see the car, it looks to be in very good condition.
It is a Mk I and should be saved.  I have one and they are super fun cars.

Arch, if it isn't too much trouble, would you please visit the car, and
check out the lower dash parcel tray?  If it is intact I would be VERY
interested in having it pulled out and carefully packaged and sent to me at
my expense as mine is broken.  They are made from molded card and are often
torn  Please send me some pictures of this if you could.

There is also a very active ADO16 club in the US and really this car should
be saved.



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I learned this car is on a local yard.  I know nothing about it other than
what this photo shows.  Car is about 25 miles from my house here in
Louisville KY.  I don't want it.  If anyone is interested I will find out
what I can.  Arch

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