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John Park jpark at bmts.com
Thu Nov 28 19:47:56 MST 2013

Welcome aboard John and Becky. Hope to see you sometime in the future.
Regards, John '59 ZBV


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Welcome John and Becky,


I'm on the other side of the world to you, generally either in the UK or in
Australia.  We are all very keen about our Magnettes.  If you are ever over
one of the ponds, please to let me know and we will make sure that you are
well looked after.

Kind regards,

David Halliday


On 28 November 2013 08:50, Steve Hanegan <steve at betterwitnesses.com
<mailto:steve at betterwitnesses.com> > wrote:

Most eloquently put Mr. Bachelder! Hi John & Becky! I am just south of you
on the Snohomish/King county border, and when I get my Magnette back out of
the LeMay America's Car museum, I look forward to traveling with you on some
of those GREAT Mt. Baker MGCC Tours!




Steve H. (aka: Steve Hanegan)

'58 ZB (not varitone) in basic Black...



On Nov 27, 2013, at 12:03 PM, Allen Bachelder <bachldrs at comcast.net
<mailto:bachldrs at comcast.net> > wrote:




Please join me in welcoming John & Becky Taft to the insanity of our little
group. John & Becky live just south of Bellingham WA and are the new owners
of the Magnette recently for sale in Portland OR.  Once again, we have new
members courtesy of Dave Looy's recruiting skills and efforts.  Let's
congratulate him along with John and Becky.


And to John & Becky, I am forwarding all the profile info you sent on to
Mike Jacobsen, who is our Keeper Of The Roster. Mike updates the roster
twice a year and perhaps he can remind us when the next revision is coming
out.  You'll find a good bit of humorous OT traffic on our list as we kid
each-other a lot, but you'll also find more hard-core Magnette knowledge
here than any other single source in the world.  You'll also find a lot of
generous guys who will help you locate the most incredibly obscure of parts.
Also, be assured that we operate by the principle that there are NO dumb
questions.  There are some dumb answers which we love to provide with great
consistency!  So I hope you'll feel free to tell us all about your car and
to ask any questions that come up along the way.  


With the tip of my Octagonal sword, I now declare you official members of
the Z Magnette Group of North America, with all the privileges and amusement
attached thereto.  Please know that we have no dues, no constitution, no
bylaws, no officers, no treasury - nuthin' ! But we are an official special
interest group within NAMGAR - the North American MGA Register, and it is at
the annual NAMGAR Get -Togethers (GTs) that you will find as many of us as
can attend. The next one is GT39 in Ottawa in 2014:
http://www.namgar.com/events/calendar_details/gt-39_ottawa_canada/ and if
you can handle the distance, the Vancouver chapter is sponsoring a
cross-country "Cruise to the Capital:
http://www.namgar.com/events/calendar_details/cruise_to_the_capital/  This
all happens in July next year. A few years ago, NAMGAR asked me to be their
contact person within ZMG, and most of the membership seemed to thing that
meant I was The Guy. And that is the story of how Allen got his sorta
leadership role if we actually had one. Occasionally I even call myself
Chairman when a title is required. It's good for impressing friends at
cocktail parties, etc...


Do note that we do NOT require membership in NAMGAR and a good deal of our
members do not belong.  But NAMGAR gives us full access to a substantial
club network, and a terrific slick-paper bimonthly magazine - MGA! - in
which our contributions are most welcome.  And there's a huge piece about
Magnettes in the current issue (if I do say so myself...) which you will not
want to miss.  But again, this is totally at your option.


' Think that about covers the basics for now.  Feel free to let us know if
you have other concerns. My personal email address is bachldrs at comcast.net
<mailto:bachldrs at comcast.net>  if you have questions for me.





Allen & Florrie Bachelder       =iii=<
Spring Creek Home for Wayward MGs

'57 ZB, '65 B, '69 C/GT, '73 B/GT

North Street, MI 48049, USA




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