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Hi John


You are correct in that they are monocoque however you are incorrect in that
the British Industry Motor Heritage refers to the VIN number (the KAE. bit)
is referred to as the Car/Chassis Number so in a sense Allen is completely




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There is no chassis it's a monocoque. Do you mean the serial number for the
car or the body number? I'm not sure if it's only Varitones that have body
numbers or if they all have a body number. Maybe we should do engine numbers
too? Just some more thoughts/questions.


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Something just occurred to me - it's a question that can be answered in
three ways as I see it: should we include chassis numbers in the roster?  We
can say yes, no, or leave it up to the members.  Granted that NAMGAR does
the registration aspects of ZMG, but on occasion it might be handy and/or
fun to have our own casual records.  Maybe, for example, we'll discover we
have some sequentially-related cars. More seriously, we may discover some
subtle mid-model changes that affect technical concerns.  I'll propose that
each of us can pursue this at his/her option, unless Mike finds a glitch in
being able to include this in the data. It would be neat to be able to
search our cars by chassis number. If the data is available in the roster,
Mike need do nothing more, a member can simply import the data to an Excel
file, allowing one to  organize and search by chassis number.  


This may be of little concern to most of us. If so, a modest response will
tell the story and I'll let it go.  It's no big deal...





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On Nov 27, 2013, at 5:35 PM, Mike wrote:


Howdy all,

That's a darn good idea, updating the Roster. The last version came out in
July, so we're about due for a new one.

But I've been lax, and haven't gathered any info from most of the new
members since July So, if you joined in the past half year, or you're an
old-timer that never subscribed to the Roster, send me your info now. Here's
what can go into it:

Your first name, middle initial, and last name.
Your SO's first & last name. (SO's don't get middle initials - no one has
ever asked for that.)
Address: Street, city, state/province, postal code, country.
Up to two phone numbers
Email address
Special-interest cars (no 2010 Toyota Camrys, e.g.)
Services provided

Cars are recorded like so: Year, Make, Model, Color, Status

Colors are shown exterior w/ interior. For two-tone cars, it's exterior
top/exterior bottom w/ interior. For an example, here's the entry for my
car, an Old English White over Birch Grey Varitone with maroon interior:

Year: 1958  Make: MG  Model: ZBV  Color: OEW/Birch grey w/ maroon  Status:
Always a driver

You don't have to worry about the formatting; I'll take care of that.

For Services, people tend to write about help they can provide. Entries
range from "Tools, some parts, can come out & help, limited garage space."
to "Cold beer on hand at all times."

Comments can be anything else you'd care to add.

And it's all optional. One person just has his name, email address, and the
line for his Magnette. Other people include all their special-interest cars
(we don't list motorcycles or "regular" cars) and some history.

If you haven't already, send me your info now, while we're all still
thinking of it, and I'll send out an updated roster next month.

Let me know at mikesmuseum at yahoo.com if you have any questions. Please don't
reply to the group and spam everyone.


Mike Jacobsen

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... Mike updates the roster twice a year and perhaps he can remind us when
the next revision is coming out. ....

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