[Zmagnette] Happy Birthday

John Park jpark at bmts.com
Fri Nov 29 17:16:07 MST 2013

HI Allen,

            I'm glad you took that the right way as I sometimes see you as
much younger than you are and marvel at the amount and variety of things you
do, seemingly tirelessly. Hopefully when I decide I've had enough of working
life I can approximate your pace and success. Again, I wish you many more
healthy, productive and prosperous years of living the great life.
Sincerely, John ps, since all of you are making good headway on a continuing
to be productive in a variety of avenues and in the spirit of the coming
holidays, may you all find peace and continue to live healthy, happy and
productive lives.


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Hey John, I got to thinking more about your 49 + 24 (25, really)  analogy
and I'm liking it more and more as I think about it. I was 49 when I rebuilt
my first (MGB) engine. It was a good year.  And with 25 years of practice,
I've gotten pretty good at being 49 and doing what 49 year-olds do. 


As long as you're still working, this may not mean that much.  But once you
retire there is this danger that life starts becoming a spectator sport
while ceasing to be a participant sport. It's important to still have
something to look forward to and with which to grow.  Fact is that with each
advancing year, I hear more and more friends saying things like "You're
still doing things like THAT?"    "Isn't it time to quit?"  "Aren't you
getting too old for that?" I'm sure some of you hear this a lot too. And
some of it even comes from car guys!  


I retired because I was losing physical strength and coordination to do what
I did. It ceased to be satisfying and rather became increasingly
frustrating. But working on MGs, I still can learn, get better, grow. These
cars are keeping me not just alive but embracing life. They keep me 49...
Sure, other hobbies can do the same thing, but the rather demanding degree
of physical involvement is rather unique to the car hobby.  And among car
hobbies,  where else can you find the camaraderie and expertise found in our
merry band?  Thanks to our "Z cars" and thanks to each-other, we're not just
living longer, we're staying ALIVE longer.  


Life is good!



Allen & Florrie Bachelder       =iii=<
Spring Creek Home for Wayward MGs

'57 ZB, '65 B, '69 C/GT, '73 B/GT

North Street, MI 48049, USA




On Nov 28, 2013, at 9:46 PM, John Park wrote:

Happy birthday Allen! You're about 49 with 24 years experience right? :)
Hopefully you have many more all with good health.

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For those who don't know, it is Allen Bachelder's birthday today.


Many Happy Returns Allen




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