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Joel Johnson joel.turtleman at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 16:46:37 MDT 2014

I'd like to see photos. Thanks


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 8:19 PM, Steve <skirby210 at cox.net> wrote:

>     When Allen and I were in the UK, for the 60th Anniversary
> Celebration, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Trevor Jones.  Some of you
> might remember Trevor, as he was the one who engineered the Triumph Sway
> bar, utilizing many TR parts (all readily available to us here), with a few
> brackets he had manufactured, to allow the use of a sway bar on our
> Magnettes.
> Since that time, Trevor and I have exchanged many e-mails about a myriad
> of subjects!  In fact, the genesis of this conversation may have started
> over a pint . . . .  Anyway, we started discussing badge bars.  I have
> never been that "fond" of the badge bars, such as sold by NTG (I even
> bought one from NTG, when in the UK in 2000), but I did not aesthetically
> relish the idea of drilling holes into the hood/bonnet to install it.  The
> NTG "model", is to the best of my knowledge, the only one presently
> available.
> I began to fabricate "my own" design prototype,  out of 3/4" EMT, the idea
> being for it to follow the curve of the front, clearing the bonnet/hood,
> and mounting under the driving lights.  To me, that seemed like a cleaner,
> more classic design.  At some point, I mentioned this to Trevor, who
> informed me such a badge bar already existed . . . . in his possession!!!!
> It turned out to be the badge bar, on his car, as purchased.  At that time,
> it was off the car, in storage.  Eventually, he found it, and send me some
> photos:  exactly what I was trying to do.  There appears to be only this
> one in existence, and the source is not known.
> Trevor is a brilliant engineer, and has begun the process of initially
> fabricating these for the Magnettic community.  Like every such attempt at
> these things, the more that are made, the more feasible it becomes, and the
> lower the cost.  Of course, cost is the paramount question, and is yet to
> be determined.  VERY ROUGH idea at this point, is that they would be made
> of brass, and chrome plated.  Shipping is the big, big question.  One
> possible solution is to ship a batch of them to one point (I am willing to
> be that point), and then ship them internally within the US.  I will not
> bankroll these, however.  My pockets are not that deep, sorry.   Our very
> rough estimate is that they will be a bit over $100, including shipping.
> The one from NTG is currently priced at about $94.xx, and that does NOT
> include shipping from the UK.  Thus, if the price can be held to the
> hundred dollar ballpark, it's actually about the same price, as the
> existing design.  FWIW, the "new" design will hold many more badges.
> I can send the photos Trevor sent me, but I'm too stupid to do it to the
> Group.  Let me know individually, and I'll send them to you.
> Thanks,
> #2SteveK
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