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I think just about everyone would like to see photos.  And info on  
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I'd like to see photos. Thanks


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When  Allen and I were in the UK, for the 60th Anniversary Celebration, we 
had the  pleasure of meeting Mr. Trevor Jones.  Some of you might remember  
Trevor, as he was the one who engineered the Triumph Sway bar, utilizing  
many TR parts (all readily available to us here), with a few brackets he had  
manufactured, to allow the use of a sway bar on our Magnettes.

Since that time, Trevor and I have exchanged many e-mails about a  myriad 
of subjects!  In fact, the genesis of this conversation may have  started 
over a pint . . . .  Anyway, we started discussing badge  bars.  I have never 
been that “fond” of the badge bars, such as sold by  NTG (I even bought one 
from NTG, when in the UK in 2000), but I did not  aesthetically relish the 
idea of drilling holes into the hood/bonnet to  install it.  The NTG “model”
, is to the best of my knowledge, the only  one presently available. 
I began to fabricate “my own” design prototype,  out of 3/4” EMT,  the 
idea being for it to follow the curve of the front, clearing the  bonnet/hood, 
and mounting under the driving lights.  To me, that seemed  like a cleaner, 
more classic design.  At some point, I mentioned this  to Trevor, who 
informed me such a badge bar already existed . . . . in his  possession!!!!  It 
turned out to be the badge bar, on his car, as  purchased.  At that time, it 
was off the car, in storage.   Eventually, he found it, and send me some 
photos:  exactly what I was  trying to do.  There appears to be only this one in 
existence, and the  source is not known.
Trevor is a brilliant engineer, and has begun the process of initially  
fabricating these for the Magnettic community.  Like every such attempt  at 
these things, the more that are made, the more feasible it becomes, and  the 
lower the cost.  Of course, cost is the paramount question, and is  yet to be 
determined.  VERY ROUGH idea at this point, is that they  would be made of 
brass, and chrome plated.  Shipping is the big, big  question.  One possible 
solution is to ship a batch of them to one  point (I am willing to be that 
point), and then ship them internally within  the US.  I will not bankroll 
these, however.  My pockets are not  that deep, sorry.   Our very rough 
estimate is that they will be a  bit over $100, including shipping.  The one from 
NTG is currently  priced at about $94.xx, and that does NOT include shipping 
from the  UK.  Thus, if the price can be held to the hundred dollar 
ballpark,  it’s actually about the same price, as the existing design.  FWIW, the  “
new” design will hold many more badges.
I can send the photos Trevor sent me, but I’m too stupid to do it to  the 
Group.  Let me know individually, and I’ll send them to you.

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