[Zmagnette] badge bars please post to me DIRECTLY

Steve skirby210 at cox.net
Tue Apr 8 20:40:07 MDT 2014

that’s exactly how it works.  They mount UNDER the fog and driving lights.  No pictures of it mounted, as I said, this is the only one known in our current Magnettic world, and was in storage, in the UK, where Trevor found it.


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I need to be interested in a badge far as well. Can it be mounted with front over riders and fog lamps? Is there any photos of one installed.

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I guess I thought it was obvious or “standard protocol”, but please respond directly to me (skirby210 at cox.net) regarding the badge bars, so as not to clutter the group’s postings . . .  . such as this message.


Steve Kirby 

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