[Zmagnette] badge bars

Kelvin Dodd doddk at mossmotors.com
Wed Apr 9 14:38:45 MDT 2014

Just a note, hopefully that doesn’t  detract from the cool Magnette specific badge bar thread.

If you only have a couple of badges that you want to display, Moss made a badge holder that mounts using two of the North American specific license plate holes. I used one of these on the front of my Magnette, to proudly display my Magnette Group badge.  The install is extremely simple, even BMW Mini owners seem to be able to accomplish it    : )
If I’m remembering correctly, the Magnette Group badge has vertical mounting holes, so I did have to re-drill the backing plate, but that was simple enough.
Anyways. Just offering this as an option for those wanting to display a couple of badges without the need to install a badge bar.

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