[Zmagnette] Magnette Showroom Posters Pt 1

Allen Bachelder bachldrs at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 18:11:07 MDT 2014

You guys are really lighting up the list with these great colorful posters.  Keep up the good work!

And... THANKS!
Allen & Florrie Bachelder
North Street, MI
bachldrs at comcast.net

On Apr 14, 2014, at 5:47 PM, John wrote:

> I love the Magnette Mk III poster !!!
> Attached is the MG 1100 version.
>  John Twist had one that he auctioned for $750, which is pretty ridiculous but two people wanted it bad... I paid around $75 on eBay.  I don't display the original, this is actually a color copy.  Color copies this size aren't cheap!  The scan is pricey too.  Hardly a business in making MG posters :/
> <image.jpeg>
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