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Sat Apr 26 17:06:32 MDT 2014

Hi everyone.
 I just got back from England and was planning on visiting Lou and John. at their home. When I called, John answered the phone and stated Lou was in bed and was suppose to go to the hospital and they told her to stay at home due to an outbreak of emboli . If you go to her web site  you will see it is not taking orders mg.spec at mypostoffice.couk .. I would like everyone who reads this to send Lou a Get Well card to help lift her sprits  Lou's address is
Lou Shorten
44 The Street
Lenwade Norwich
Norfork   NR9 5SD
Please write large letters as Lou has failing eye site.. Check with your local post office for Postage to England as it varies. Let's see about getting Lou 200 get well cars from all of us Magnette owners around the world Please re-post this to any site I may have missed
Jeff Becker
Long Beach, Calif 

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