[Zmagnette] Fwd: 1958-ZB Magnette Steering Wheel.

Allen Bachelder bachldrs at comcast.net
Mon Apr 28 20:01:54 MDT 2014

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> Subject: 1958-ZB Magnette Steering Wheel.
> Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 15:53:51 -0700
> Hi ALL,  I Am Looking for  ?Pozzibly a Broken Piece??,  UNDER the Center MG Medallion.  What Ever it iz,  It'z Allowing the Horn Ring to Flop Up/Down,  a Goode @ Leazt 1/8"--3/16".
>  Any Help/Ideaz Alway'z Appreciated.
> GraciaZ, Michael.

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