[Zmagnette] Lou's Story

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I'm glad to read that so many have enjoyed reading Lou's story.  In response to some questions that were asked off line, I've scanned the cover and inside cover of issue 14 dated March 1981of Thirty Six Thousand that this story appeared in so you can get an idea of what the journal looked like.  If you look closely at the table of contents you'll see that Lou had provided three pages worth of parts for sale.  If anyone is interested I could scan those for the fun of it, but I think it might make some of us cry.  For example all the gauges were available for about 2 pounds,  brace yourselves varitone owners because your rear surround trim was available at only 2 pounds,  how about an extra set of road wheels for 2 pounds each or a dash board for 3 pounds, a window regulator (hey I need one of those!) for 2 pounds, and on and on it goes.  
Dick Sprafke57 ZBProvidence, RI
PS if the scans look a little "crinkly" it's because a textured paper was used for the cover.

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Subject: [Zmagnette] Lou's Story Hi, While we all await some good news about Lou's health, I thought it might be fun to share the attached with you.  Back in the March 1981 issue (#14) of Thirty Six Thousand, "The Journal of the Z-Magnette Register of the MG Car Club Ltd", the attached 5 page article about Lou appeared.  The fact that it was written by Lou makes it all the more interesting.  I scanned the first 4 pages.  The only bit that appeared on the fifth page (page 28) was:  "When this project is completed I hope we can start on another Z"   Lou Shorten. I hope the scans are legible and that you enjoy reading Lou's story.  Those of you that know her will surely recognize her wit and story telling charm in every word.   Yours, Dick Undoubtedly all the issues of Thirty Six Thousand have been scanned and posted on the internet somewhere but I haven't found them so I thought it would be worthwhile to share the above.  I'm guessing most of you haven't seen it before.  ???? 
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