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Hi Steve.

First off, try installing the pump the right way around. The deep central bit goes outwards.

434-035 and 434-045 only differ in that the later pump had a reinforcing web that requires a different smog pump bracket in it’s original application. The mounting bolt lengths are a tad different between the two, but otherwise they are the same pump.

The cast iron dual groove pulley is the correct one to go with these pumps. It was fitted from 72-about 75 when they went with a 2 piece stamped steel pulley.

You can use the cast iron pulley as is, it will clear the fan fine, when the fan is installed the right way around. I machine the outer smog pump groove off on a lathe to make it tidy. Alternatively you can use the alternator groove pulley of the later 2 piece stamped steel pulleys.


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As you can see, I save all this stuff . . . forever.  When you say  the 72 – 80 water pump, I see in your catalog, that the 434-035 is for 72 – 74 (which I just bought), and then there’s the 434-045.  I got the 434-035 based on Allen B’s recommendation.  That one seems to fit OK.  I’m doing the 5 main 1800.  I also bought the 434-340 plastic fan (I REALLY like the plastic fans), which has too deep of an inner well, and does not fit that pump.  Will the 434-330 fit that pump?  Large hole/small hole  tomato/tomatoe.  I’m also not coming up with a pulley, in spite of having a dozen around here.  I do have this nicely machined, cast iron double pulley, but it won’t fit inside the “well” of the 434-340 fan . . . I suppose I could machine off the outer pulley, but I haven’t read about anyone else having to do that?  Must be another shorter pulley I haven’t found yet.  I have lots of two different sheet metal type ones.

Any direction muchly appreciated.



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Use the late 1972-80 water pump and a used matching pulley.

This is the shortest combination and will fit the MGA or Magnette.

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I am putting an 18V 1800cc in a MGA coupe.  I don't have the harmonic balancer for the pulley on the water pump. I think this is the "short" water pump and the pulley
I have is for the long nose pump.  Moss lists the pulleys as not available.  What pulley should I be looking for and any ideas on suppliers?
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