[Zmagnette] restorable Magnette

Mike Coe coefront at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 6 10:50:27 MST 2014

There’s one here in Calgary, Alberta. 

It’s been sitting in the yard of the garage that’s restoring my ZB {mine that’s about to go for painting [but what colour do I decide? Oh my, decisions, decisions, there are soooo many!]

The one here in Calgary is a ZB. Colour - mauve bottom, cream top. Drivable [I‘d, suggest, to the Canadian / US border].

The car will need attention.

Mike – Calgary

From: Gene deRuelle 
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 8:05 PM
To: List for the Z Magnette Group - North America 
Subject: [Zmagnette] restorable Magnette

If anyone knows of a restorable Magnette West of the Rockies please let me know.  One of my friends here in Reno wants to restore one.

Gene deRuelle

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