[Zmagnette] MG TD

Steve skirby210 at cox.net
Fri Oct 31 17:53:01 MDT 2014

Must be the 4cyl 100-4 Healey ,  I sure can't imagine getting the 6 cyl lump 
in there.  Yaw, the Volvo was a pretty common transplant.  We have two in 
our own local Club.

Someone must be crying about one less 4 cyl Healey engine available. 
ORRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr  rrrr  rr   r :  Maybe they used a Sprite/Spridget 1275 
A series . . . . that would surely fit, and actually about the same cc size

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From: Arch Boston
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I got an auction brochure for an upcoming Leake auction in today's mail.  I 
will not be bidding, however, I was surprised to see a TD on page 13 with a 
Healey running gear.  I remember Road and Track magazine touting an 
"improvement" for TDs, fitting a Volvo engine.  Never remember anything 
about a Healey anything being fitted.  My memory shakey?  Arch

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