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Hi Ed:
Don’t overlook that there’s an upscale version of the heater available out of the U.K. Available also through North America firms.
The heater much more efficient than the original.
Mike – Calgary

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Apparently the heater for he Woseley  6/90 is identical to that of the Magnette. 

Not knowing for certain at this point what the exact issue was that resulted in the one on the car I'm buying being disconnected, I'm going to start asking now what may be available out there in Magnette land for hoses, control valves, heater cores and motors. 

Also does anyone know if there is a difference in the  heater hoses and/ or control valves between Left  hand and right hand drive Magnette ?

Ed Collins 

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  Hello Ed,

  The heater is as inaccessible as that on the Magnette, i.e. up behind the dash. The hoses and valve are difficult to reach, but there is an access cover secured by self tapping screws in the bulkhead/firewall, it is however right behind the cylinder head, so still not easy!

  The heater is certainly much the same as that on the Magnette and may actually be the same, it is held in place by two straps and it is possible with much effort, contortion and perhaps a little bad language to remove it with the dash in place. I did change the unit on my car in 1978, when it was my dads car and I was very much younger and flexible.

  One hose is angled and when I did the unit on my Magnette I used a modern 90 degree silicone reinforced hose then joined it with a brass union to the straight run with the idea of a long life.

  The valves on the Smiths heaters are known to be troublesome in old age, the internal diaphragm can stick or perish. Replacements are available and again it may be the same as the Magnette, I'm afraid that whilst I have references for many things, I don't have anything for the Smiths heaters and valves. I have seen replacement valves on e-bay. As it happen my heater is playing up & I suspect the valve, so at some point it's a job I need to do. The valve should be on the left side of the unit at the bottom right at the front, I doubt it would differ on LHD cars.

  Do you have a Workshop Manual for the car? these are still quite easy to find here and if you need one I can suggest a supplier who may also have the Parts Manual.   

  I hope this helps and if you need anything more do get in touch.

  Best Wishes


  Jeffrey & Rosalind Bridges
  Tel. 01424-772535

  From: Ed Collins <ed3paula at aol.com>
  To: J BRIDGES <j.bridges815 at btinternet.com> 
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  Thanks Jeffery: 

  The one thing I know that I know I need to address is the heater. 
  Kyle Leatherwood who I am buying the car from told me that it was disconnected by the previous owner whethe got the car. 

  Kyle was not sure if it was the heater core or a heater hose that was the issue but he seem to think it was a hose.

  Kyle also compared. The Wolsey heater to the Magnette Heater and said the the heater box has the exact same detentions. 

  Hopefully I will only need to find the correct hoses but if it's more than that then some suggestions on a suitable replacement will be needed .

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  On Sep 4, 2015, at 4:29 PM, J BRIDGES <j.bridges815 at btinternet.com> wrote:

    Hello Ed,

    I did wonder whether the grey car may be the one you are buying, I think the maroon Canadian one had some pictures on the internet of a rebuild, but I can't seem to find them now, the good old EU have made Google take down a number of older websites recently for Europe. 

    I have just recently spent a day at the Heritage Motor Museum in Warwickshire where they hold all manner of archive material and we were actually looking through the 6/90 factory production records, these show that a high proportion of cars were exported, most to Australia and NZ, but also a significant number to South Africa in CKD form for local assembly, these would all have been RHD, but there were also quite a few LHD models for Europe and North America.

    Anyway, we would certainly be interested in some photo's when you get the car and will be happy to help with any queries as necessary.

    You certainly have an interesting vehicle collection, old cars tend to accumulate!

    Kind Regards


    Jeffrey & Rosalind Bridges
    Tel. 01424-772535

    From: Ed Collins <ed3paula at aol.com>
    To: J BRIDGES <j.bridges815 at btinternet.com> 
    Sent: Friday, 4 September 2015, 1:36
    Subject: Re: Wolseley

    Thanks for the email. Good to hear from you.
    I recognize those pictures. They were taken in Delavan , Wisconsin USA five years ago at NAMGAR' national meet. I was there with my Magnette.

    After seeing the picture I realize that I am miss remembering the maroon car (which is the Canadian car) as being right hand drive.

    The grey car is the one that I am buying. 

    At the time that that picture was taken, the grey car was owned by a guy from New Mexico. He sold it to Kyle Leatherwood of Virginia a year or two ago. I am buying it from Kyle.   

    I also have a ) '57 ZB Magnette ,  '57 Austin Healey 100 Six both of which have undergone full body and mechanical restoration. I have a '58 Triumph TR 3A which is in driver condition and a '72 Triumph Spitfire MK IV which is actually my wife's. 

    The spitfire has had the body and interior restored and a rebuilt over drive gearbox from a Spitfire 1500 fitted but the engine at 83,000 miles still runs strong and has not needed a rebuild.  
    I'm having the 6/90 shipped up from Virginia by a commercial car transporter in a closed trailer. I probably  won't have it here until sometime the week after next.

    Ed Collins 

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    On Sep 3, 2015, at 4:06 PM, J BRIDGES <j.bridges815 at btinternet.com> wrote:

      Hello Ed,

      I hope you won't mind my getting in touch, I was very interested when Jenny Rider informed me about your acquisition of a Wolseley Six-Ninety and would be interested to learn more about the car in due course. I share the advisers role with Bernie Peal who may also be in touch, in fact I'm sure he will be as he has a spreadsheet of known cars. From the internet I have a couple of Six-Ninety pictures which I know are of cars in North America, but whether the US or Canada is not clear, both are however LHD and I think the maroon one may well be Canadian. I attach these out of interest.

      I was interested in your mention of the other cars you have, I also have a Magnettte, a 1955 ZA which is currently be reassembled after body repairs and a re-spray.

      Kind Regards

      Jeffrey Bridges

      Jeffrey & Rosalind Bridges
      Tel. 01424-772535

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