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The main purpose of the Team.Net mailing lists, Web, and Archive servers is to discuss and share information about cars and related activities. Some specialties are British cars, Autocross, Racing, and related people, events, parts sources, technical info, etc. Membership is free.


Copyright © 1989-2000

Many people contribute to the lists, and the information archives. Where possible, we try not to maintain unauthorized copyrighted materials. Likewise, all materials here remain the property of the author(s), and can be assumed to be copyrighted, whether specifically stated or not.

Republishing or using postings from the list for commercial or other purposes without permission of the author(s) may be a violation of various copyrights, and is generally frowned upon. Most authors will be happy to provide permission to have specific postings published as long as they are asked.

It's common practice to use much of this material from the archives and mailing list postings in club newsletters. This is usually fine, as long you state the source, and authors are given credit for their work. It's also desired to send a copy of that newsletter to the author when possible.

Here's a good introduction on copyrights, what they are, and what they cover.


We'd like to thank everyone who has contriubted to Team.Net through the years.

How you can help

Anyone can post questions and answers to the mailing lists. Well developed answers may be placed on the file servers for future use. Likewise, everyone is welcome to contribute to the web pages. Please contact the page, article, or FAQ authors directly for more info.

These forums are publicly available, and not-for-profit. If you find these lists, or the Team.Net Automotive Archives server useful, we request that you send a $5-10 donation to help support the host computer and hard drive(s). So, if you'd like to contribute to this fund, send in a check, made out to "Fat Chance Garage" to this address:

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