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Updated July, 1997
Rex Funk
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Simon Taylor on Stirling Moss' mastery of the Le Mans-type start:

He always took up a sprinter's crouch and was usually first to his car - but on one occasion Mike Hawthorn, to wind him (Moss) up, started early and was halfway accross the road when the flag fell. Into the silence came Moss' enraged shout: "You bastard, Hawthorn!" This so delighted Hawthorn that he collapsed giggling in the middle of the track, and was nearly run over as the race got under way.
Classic and Sportscar magazine, July 1996 p26.

If you want to go really fast in a big Healey, a drop of whisky always helped.

Timo Makinen

Classic and Sportscar magazine, October 1993, p79.

Aerodynamics are for people who cannot build engines.

Enzo Ferrari

Nothing good has ever been reported about the full rotation of a race car about either its pitch or roll axis.

Carroll Smith

Carburetor is a French word meaning 'leave it alone'.

Dick O'Kane

...make the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong -- look what they can do to a Weber carburetor in just a few moments of stupidity with a screwdriver.

Colin Chapman

Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races!

Caroll Shelby

I build them to go, not to stop.

Ettore Bugatti upon criticism of poor braking performance in his race cars.

And the winner of the "Guess Who's Had a Moment Then" award goes to Rich Taylor, for his book "Modern Classics" in which he says of the TVR Griffith:

There has never been a more dangerous production vehicle.

All Parts Falling Off This Car are of the Finest English Workmanship.

Rex Funk says he has this sticker on his Alpine.

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