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That's right, you can get Scions of Lucas Regalia! Well, sometimes anyhow. From time to time, one of the SOL'ers decides to take on the project of getting some SOL trinkets made, and offering to the rest of us. These are completely independent efforts, and have no "official status", but are a great way to get neat stuff, which can be used to identify you or your car at shows and other events.

Note: Any business arrangements are solely between the buyer & the seller.

What is on SOL Stuff?

Why, the SOL logo, as seen on these pages, of course. Quite some time ago, ex-officio, sometimes SOL member Ed Devinney came up with the design for the SOL logo, which Ed so modestly described as:

"What does the SOL logo look like? Well, it looks, well, like nothing else, except perhaps the Union Jack with some tools & car parts on it."

" No, scratch that. Fade in "Rule, Britannia" and imagine my voice, only deeper and with better inflection:"

"It's tremendous, if I do say so myself." -Ed

Make Your Own!

If you have access to a colour printer, you can print a copy of the SOL logo. Makes a great identifier for your car at shows, or you might even use to make your own SOL T-Shirts!. Just download the SOL Logo file - it's a 13K GIF image. It's also been used with stick-on transparency's to make SOL Stickers.

SOL Pins SOL    Still Available as of January '97

One inch SOL Pins are being offered by Jim Babcock,, for $1.25 ea. The first run was made in fall of 95, but its a limited run, so get them while you can.  If there's enough demand, maybe Jim will have another run made. See Jim's SOL Pin Page for ordering details. 

Previous Stuff

Back in '94, Pat Vilbrandt found a place that would make caps, shirts, mugs, and even mouse pads to order, for each individual SOLer. He supplied them with the SOL artwork, and you could just call/send in your own order directly. Last I knew, this offer may not be available, but probably wouldn't take much to re-activate. Here's the details, of How we Ordered from Image Graphics
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