Updated July 18, 1996

(Originally from the December 93 issue of British Car Magazine)

MAHWAH, NJ - We've recently been notified by John Retkowski, Recall Coordinator for Jaguar Cars Inc. that certain 1977-1980 MG Midgets, MGBs, TR7s and TR8s may have defective Kangoi seatbelts. According to Retkowski, who is doing the recall on Kangoi's behalf, the inertia reel-type belts do not retract on some cars, or are stuck and can not be extended. In either case, they should be replaced for new, safe belts.

The VIN numbers for affected Midgets are from 191159 to 229526; for If you believe that your seatbelts are defective, contact John Retkowski at Jaguar Cars Inc, 555 MacArthur Blvd, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2327.[See Update Below!] Include your VIN number. Your car may be qualified for a new set of belts.

The original notice was issued by the seatbelt manufacturer in 1985 and was sent, at that time, to all the owners of record for the affected cars. That likely missed many second owners where the vehicles had changed hands.

1995/96 Update:

As of Fall 1995, the recall is being handled by Rover, not Jaguar
Land Rover of America
4390 Parliament Place
Lanham, MD 20706

Patty Shope - 301-731-8112
Dan Miller - 301-731-8149

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