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601 601Universal 601de Luxe
normal interiorand an interior

TrampTrabant 601 Tramp/Kübel... their interior
... and their interior

These brochures, as did many others, tried to show what kind of people use a given version of the 601.
The normal is ideal for the young couple (look at the background), the Universal is the ideal van and the De Luxe for the party-people.
There were mixed versions, such as the DeLuxe Univeral which should seem as a contradiction but it was not. The "wealthy" party-people was the role model for this version! The Tramp was the open-top cabriolet used by extravagant artists, farmers, foresters. Its army version was called the Kübel with slightly different interior. The car pictured is actually the latter.

Now let's see a few technical details for the 1966 model year (it was the same throughout the decades).

Engine Two-stroke, two-cylinder, placed at the front transverse
Capacity (cc) 594.5cc
Max. power (kW/bhp) 23 DIN (26 SAE) hp @ 38000-4000 rpm
Max. torque (Nm) 52 @ 2700-2800 rpm
Max. speed 100 km/h
Fuel consumption (l/100 km) 7-9 l
Transmission 4-speed synchronised + reverse.
Length 3555 mm
Width 1504 mm
Height 1437 mm
Wheelbase 2020 mm
Kerb weight 615 kg.
Loaded Max. 1000 kg

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