Chapter 2

1929 6C 1750 David Love's 1931 6C 1750
A Zagato bodied car in the AR Museum
The 1929 6C 1750 Super Sport, one of the most interesting creations of the designer Vittorio Jano. The car came out in the second edition of the Motor Show in Rome in January 1929. That same year it started its remarkable sports career at the Mille Miglia. It dominated all the sports category competitions it took part in.
The cars were built in four distinct models, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th series (the 1st and 2nd Series were all 1500's). They were available with or without supercharger, and the cahssis were decorated with everything from four-door sedans to stark, open tow-seaters.
Altogether some 2579 1750's were built up into 1933.

8C 2300
188 cars were built in Corto and Lungo forms between 1931 and 1934.
The 8C 2300 short and long types, continued the evolution of the well-established sporting tradition of Alfa Romeo and again offered the body and frame design of the preceding 6- cylinder cars. The engine, however was redesigned, with the supercharger on the right-hand side, cylinders assebled in 2 light- alloy half-blocks, timing drive in the centre of the head, which was in 2 pieces and made of light alloy.

Monza Monzas at Monterey, Aug, 1985
Peter Giddings' Monza Monzas at Monterey

This car is officially known as the Spider Corsa (open two-seater racing) version of the above mentioned 8C 2300. It debuted at the 1931 Gran Premio d'Italia.
Of the 188, or possibly 189, 8C 2300 chassis built through 1931 and 1934 only a handful were of the Monza type. According to one of my sources altogether 10 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monzas were produced. (6 in 1931 and 4 in 1932). Engine: 2.3 litres, producing 178 bhp at 5400 rpm.
It was created as a two-seater, but, it's probable that only very good friends or Siamese twins would really be comfortable.

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