AWE Pintail and Redwing

Alan Wilkinson Engineering, based in Yeovil, England started as a GRP moulding concern. They manufactured various moulded components for engineering in general.
The Pintail Roadster (cycle mudguards) project started life in 1989 when the development model was created using wood, foam and GRP. The Redwing model was premiered in 1991.
The vehicles are essentially two seater open top fun sports cars.
Specifications: the donor vehicle is the Triumph Herald/ Spitfire/ Vitesse or Bond. The engine size can vary from 1200cc to 2000cc.
The chassis is slightly modified, the GRP body tub is secured, the bonnet is fully hinged as were the pre 1940s style sports cars.
The dashboard area is manufactured in Walnut veneer board and is fitted with Speedometer, Tachmoeter, Oil pressure, water temp, fuel and amp gauges.

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