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After Gandini Bertone stopped contributing in developing sportscars. To rival Pininfarina's Peugeot privileged styling connection so they secured a similar deal with Citroen. The results were the BX in 1982 and the XM body in 1988. Contemporary designs include the Opel Astra cabriolet and the open-top Fiat Punto both are being made at Bertone too. Their prototypes always are still outstanding attractions at autoshows everywhere.

The Bertone empire now consists Carozzeria Bertone Spa (manufacturer), Stile Bertone S.p.A. (designer), Tecnodesign S.p.A. (design center, serving outside clients as well) and SOCAR.I.C.S. S.p.A. (marketing Bertone accessories and producing auto glasses). A staff of 1500 are working at Bertone's Grugliasco plant.

Nuccio who was not a designer himself, rather a business politician, guided the company through the decades and always spotted the talents. For a few years now Paolo Caccamo is the chief executive and he'll remain on the top. Nuccio left a wife and two daughters, who are at the company. He left us with an incomparable life, a true story of success and courage.

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