The wild and crazy creations of Jon Moss

Jon Moss is the project manager of the Chrvrolet/Geo Specialty Vehicles. Autoweek reported that he IS the project. According to that report (oct. 31, 1994 p. 31): "He asks various product groups within Chevrolet for their dream sheets, then hones their ideas into workable plans for real cars. He figures what it will cost to build them. And if the decision-makers decide those cars are worth the price, Jon Moss gets North American Operations to construct them, or finds the contactory that's right for the job". He constructed, among other things, the Chevy CERV III. At last years Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas there were numerous one-off from Mr. Moss, so here they are, with details and pictures. Enjoy! (To be accurate in addition to the prototypes they exhibited a 1957 Chevy, 1961 Impala SS, 1969 Camaro and 1970 Chevelle SS 396 convertible were also shown).

Chevy Nascar Super Truck

The NASCAR-sanctioned SuperTruck race series is eligible for cars with Winston Cup type chassis dressed in fulls-size pickup sheet metal race on some of the most famous speedways in America.

There are similarities and differences between the full-size pickups and the standard Winston Cup racers. Both engines have a limit of 358 cubich inches, but the trucks race with a 9.5:1 compression ratio. In 1996, the Winston Cup will be reduced to this ration, giving NASCAR teams the opportunity now to learn abou how to performs in the truck series.

The Trucks also feature a two-inch longer wheelbase and safety cage modifications to accomodate the pickup truck greenhouse. Vehicle weight is limited to 3400 pounds.

Chevy S-series Wings prototype

This drawing shows the unique feature of the pickup: a tailgate. It either serves as a standard tailgate to protect cargo and assist cargo box loading.. or it can slide up onto rails inside the pickup box to form a wing when not in use.

The pickup design also features a "T-Top Look" that gives an open air ride for driver and passenger. Chevy Monte Carlo Sport Back of the Monte Carlo Sport Chevy Lumina Super Sport View from the rear of the car

Now that the Impala SS has gone, due to the end of the life of the Caprice, there is a demand to bring a car similar to that into the market.

At Chevy they're thinkin' 'bout the Lumina Super Sport. So here it is, along with his brother, the Monte Carlo. Both are pumped up with the Super Sport package. The powertrain and suspension of the Lumina SS is derived from the Monte Carlo Z34. The 3.4-liter dual overhead cam V6 engine generates 210 horsepower and is mated to a computer controlled, 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

Also originated from the Monte Carlo the front and rear fascias. But it has its own metal grille insert with bar, spot foglamps, unique body rocker moldings and rear spoiler.

The Monte Carlo got the same care.

Chevy Cavalier Touring Sedan Rear

Another car which got the Super Sport cosmetic pack: unique front and rear fascias and rocker mouldings, plus a spoiler designed specifically for this concept appliacation and twin chrome exhaust tips. The Touring Sedan also rides an inch lower than the production on 17-inch aluminium wheels.

Inside the seats and door panels are trimmed in premiuer leather, and specially built rear seat headrests. A Delco multi-stack CD player with speakers also has been placed.

Chevy Full-Size Van with ramp

It's a Van with a twiest: the rear doors don't swing out sideways ... they don't lift overhead and below... instead, thanks to a unique design that's hinged at the flor, a single door opens down to the ground, forming a ramp that's ideal for loading and unloading all terrain vehicles (ATV) and off-road bikes. To accomodate ATVs and the like, they placed: Rubber floor covering to keep interior flooring clan, Unmarked storage compartments for off-road support equipment, An onboard compressor to inflate tires or operate air tools.

Geo Outbacker Geo Outbacker no. 2

It's a 4-door Tracker (For non-Americans: Suzuki Vitara). The shoreline metallic gold paint tratment is complemented by deep tinted glass, body side molding and dark charcoal accents on bumpers, fender flares, and brush guard. Headlamp mesh protection and special Outbacker graphics finish the look.

Outbacker rides high with a raised body treatment that gives an aggressive stance... ground clearance is enhanced with special 15x9 inch AZEV wheels and B.F. Goodrich 31 x 10.5 x 15 All Terrain T/A tires.

To get out from every place: the pack includes snad and mud ladders in the rear, a winch, trailer hitch, roof rack tht houses a large spare and first aid box, plus gas and water containers mounted on the tailgate ... and a shovel for the "really deep challenges".

And last, bot not least:

Chevy Blazer ZR2 Chevy Blazer ZR2

Before You go ad: this is only a concept! The pack, fully driveable, is the production suspension and powertrain from the current S-series ZR2 pickup, adapted and married to the production body and interior of the 1995 4-door Blazer. The main components are:

Tires on this Blazer ZR2 are also identical to the current S-Series version, yet the aluminium wheels are production versions of the 1996 wheels. Power is proved bu the Vortec V6 engine, that generates 195 HP.

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