Dakar Cars was founded by Barry Chantler in January 1991, this was after first building a prototype car in April 1990.

This car was originally known as the Rotrax (this car is still available in the UK market as the JS Rotrax). The creator of the car is one of the best-known British kit-car designer, Dennis Adams. The Rotrax is the '90s buggy. But there is a problem with it: the donor; the Ford Cortina (or Ford Taunus) isn't a suitable one for all-terrain use (and the newer Sierra base neither can do the trick). So Barry asked Adams to approve his project for a Range Rover based Rotrax. He got the approval. The first car was called Rage Rover after its Range Rover donor, but Land Rover Ltd objected to this name on the grounds of copyright infringement.

With a new name and various modifications to the prototype the Dakar 4x4 was launched in August 1991.

In the space of 14 monts, production of the Dakar 4x4 has increased to 35 cars, and this is increasing rapidly.

Dakars have been exported to France, Switzerland, Oman, and Abu Dhabi, but the U.K. is still its biggest market.

Dakar Cars has just three employees, and operates from small premises using specialised subcontractors to manufacture the fibreglass body shell. All development work is carried out at Dakar Cars own premises.

I've heard about a 6-wheel version, but it's in the prototype stage.
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