Adrian Evans' Davrian began life in prototype form in 1965 as a curvaceous open two-seater based on Hillman Imp [external link] parts. Its GRP monocoque construction was light and strong. A few open cars were sold from 1967, but it was the enclosed coupé Demon ( 1968) which became the Davrian standard.
Many customers saw in the Davrian a cheap way into race and rally driving, something Evans actively pushed. Davrians started notching up competition wins, culminating in a victory in Modsports in 1974. By 1972, 200 had been built.
As the range of engines available expanded to include Mini, Ford and WV, the Davrian progressed through a number of Mks, up to the Mk 8 of 1980 (pictured).
By now, having moved from London to Lampeter in 1976, Davrian was considered a Welsh marque. The up- market Fiesta-powered version of the MkB, which sold for a whopping 5,322 pound, was designated the Dragon. Over-extended, Davrian went under in 1983.
Corry Cars took it over and developed the rather different, but disastrous, Cultra. Finally the project came to rest with Lampeter-based Team Duffee Engineering, where at time of writing a modifed version, known as the Darrian T9, is still available.

The New Davrian Register is available on-line
Also if you're interested in the history of Davrian, your best bet is to obtain the carefully researched Davrian to Darrian book by Martyn Morgan Jones.


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