Frisky Friskysport

Captain Raymond Flower's microcar, the Frisky, had a lot going for it but had such a chequered career that it never realised its potential. Flower had the prototype designed by Michelotti - an interesting gullwing coupe on a separate ladder chassis.
But when the Firskysport was launched in late 1957 by engine makers Henry Meadows, it had more conventional glassfibre open and closed bodies. Initially using the 249cc Villers two-stroke mounted at the rear with a motorbike gearbox, the 328cc Villers became availabe later and offered 65 mph. These models had four wheels, the rear ones with a narrow track which obviated the need for a differential. THey sold encouragingly well...
Production concenctrated on three-wheelers after 1961...
After its fourth change of premises, Frisky abandoned production in 1964

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