East European cars at the 1996 Geneva Autoshow


Lada 2110
Lada 2111
Lada 2112
The new model of the recently privatised Russian VAZ Company is the Lada 2110 family: the 2110 sedan, the 2111 estate and the 2112 hatchback.
The engine is the well-known and (non-)reliable Samara 1.5 liter engine which pumps out 58 kW (72 bhp). The car has a max. speed of 180 km/h and reaches the 100 km/h speed in 13 secs.
The dimensions are the following: wheelbase 2490 mm, length/width/height: 4265 (2111: 4285 mm, 2112: 4170 mm)/ 1675 mm/1430 m (2111: 1495 mm).
Sales will start in mainland Europe during 1996.

Felicia Fun

Skoda tries to please the younger generation with a leisure-styled pick-up, a kind of Suzuki Vitara. Huh, at the 1995 Frankfurt Show I saw the pick-up version of the Kia Sportage. It was horrible and thought that should not be surpassed. At Skoda they thought otherwise.
The Felicia is breaking new grounds, in terms of quality, but, hey, why on earth they're trying to do something with the car which will never work?
Anyway, I _have_ to feature some info, so here goes nothing:
The rear wall of the passenger cabin folds down toward the rear to reveal two integrated seats, thereby transforming the pick-up into a 4-passenger automobile. As a two-seater with rear will in position, the pick-up offers two square meters of load surface. This is enough space for bulky itmes such as ski equipment, several mountain bikes, windsurfing gear, etc.
The exterior colors are shining on the picture, so let's see the interior: "the standard cloth decor can be replcade by an elegant cloth/leather combination. The leather package includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel, shift knob, hand brake lever and sun visors. The high-quality carpeting is color-coordinated with the basic gray shade of the interior". No kidding!

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