BMW Z3 M Roadster

The Z3 M Roadster is powered by the 6-cylinder M3 engine: 3201 cc, 300+ bhp. The claimed max. speed is 250 km/h (155 mph). The car was created to snap customers away from the Mercedes SLK and to show that the Z3 could go crazy.


The Brabus Business Limousine is based on the Mercedes S600 Limousine. The most interesting feature surely are those rear airbas which are located in the partition wall between the front and rear compartments. The specification for the Business Limousine is flexible and can be tailored to individual requirements. For instance, apart from the bespoke furnishings, you can specify a sliding glass sunroof for the rear, and dignitaries can have their vehicles armoured to recognised ballistic specifications.

Ford Lynx

Ford tried to copy the Opel Tigra: the Lynx is a new sports car concept, based on the Fiesta. This car is a glimpse of what's coming: from 1997 there'll be an Opel Tigra competitor from Ford, probably named as Puma.

Irmscher pick-up

Michalak Cocoon

The main feature of the Coccoon are the two B-pillar lineal bars, which serve as both roof rails and roll bar. There are those lowerable windows too, which electrically lower 6 mm when the door is opened and then automatically close again when the door is closed.

Volkswagen Beetle

Big fuss about the new Beetle, which was officially named so in Geneva. To show that they're following the latest trends, VW held Internet presentations. Yes, the Beetle has its own Web site at: Production will start in 1998. It'll be front-wheel driven and three engine will be on offer. More details on the page.

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