Ginetta G27

Ginetta G34

It seems the Ginetta story received another twist. Recently, (June-July, 1998) I exchanged a few e-mails with Benny Smets, Director of Ginetta Cars Ltd.

As You might know from earlier versions of this page and from various magazine articles that there's a Swedish company which produces the Ginetta G34, illustrated above. According to Mr. Smets that company is not important. Ginetta Cars Ltd is the only company which has the right to use the name and the logo. They sold the manufacturing rights to the G4 and G12 to DARE (founded by the Walklett brothers who originally established Ginetta). The G4 and G12 models are sold by Brooke Kensington Ltd. Recently the G16 rights were sold to a Japanese company.
Any other useage of the Ginetta name is forbidden. I'm pretty sure that's the cause why the Swedish company is called the Gin1Car AB.

The Ginetta G27 is Ford based, although there's no real donor as such: each of the pars has been selected for appropriateness rather than the convenience of a single donor. The front end uses Sierra uprights while the live rear axle is Escort located by a five-link system. Alternatively a Sierra IRS set-up can be used. Engine choice is very extensive, and consists of pretty well whatever you like, but usually Ford Pinto or Zetec.

Now a few words on the Ginetta G34 roadster. Steel tube chassis, sandwich-constructed body and two-liter Volvo engine, producing 225 bhp. It accelerates from 0-60 mph within 5 secs.

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