Hollier Mosquito

The original and extremely pink and extremely strong Mini-based rear engined on and off-roader is now available as a body chassis kit for a remarkably low price of 995 pound. Chris Hollier has the patent on tough: the only way to destroy a Mosquito is to hit it with another one.
It is now possible to spend a bit more on a Mosquito than previously: the complete kit a 1495 pound, extends Your options, as the chassis can be jigged for Mini, Metro, Volkswagen Golf, and Vauxhall Astra. This means engine options go from 850cc Mini to 2.2 litre 16-valve EFi Cavalier Sri power, which is a bit more like it. Recent road testing involved a tee, 80mph and a Mosquito grasstrack racer. Tree nil, Golf wishbone nil, Mosquito one.
New body options with a distinct Thunderbirds Are Go flavour are currently on the boil. If you're too lazy to build one, a completely finished Mosquito with a fresh MOT and the engine running starts at 3000 pound.


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