Hummer - "The gorilla of the off-roaders"

This information is outdated. There is no mentioning of either the H2 or the forthcoming H3 SUT. When this page was originally done back in the mid-1990s, there were hardly any information available on this vehicle on the Web. Since then Hummer grew to an internationally recognized brand of tough off-roaders.
Check out the Hummer official pages or any of the myriad others for up-to-date information. Meanwhile I leave this page intact to show you how it was back in 1995...

What are the two basic facts which everybody seems to know about the Hummer?
1. One of the cars has been bought by Arnold Schwarzenegger before the civil version came out.

2. They became famous as the military transport during the gulf war.

So am I suppose to stop with details and just feature some pictures? No way.

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV pronounced and sometimes is written as Humvee and the manufacturer dubbed it as Hummer) was introduced to the military in 1983.

In 1992 the civil version debuted.

AM General Hummer Limited Edition

There are four body variations:

2 Passenger Hard Top

4 Door Utility

4 Passenger Hard Top

4 Passenger Open/Canvas Top (without top)

4 Passenger Open/Canvas Top (with top)

In the July 1992 issue the American Car&Driver did a previous test on the car. Some comments: "The Hummer moves like a gorilla - slow and deliberate... It presumably could climb over a Honda Prelude without scratching its own paint or scraping its frame. The Hummer has sixteen inches of ground clearance (about 40 cm) (passenger cars have 5-6 inches (12-15 cm)) With nine inches (24 cm) of independent wheel travel, the Hummer has the articulation of a NASA robot as it climbs slowly over big obstacles.. Sitting in the driver's comfy Isringhausen seat (a very sturdy, highly bolstered, German-made seat) there is little room to move around, but space for legs and arms is gracious".

More information:

AM General Co.
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Hummer Link Exchange
Hummer Link Exchange

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