front, coupé

front, cabrio

rear, cabrio

rear, cabrio

One of the nost brutal acts of the show was the reappearance of the once famous Italian Isotta Fraschini.
Giuliano Malvino, a Piedmontese businessman who is known as the creator of the Raytone-Fissore luxury off-roader in the '80s bought the name in 1993.
The Fissore Company whose chairman is Mr. Malvino concluded a deal with Audi AG for the supply of high-technology components from the A8 to be used in the production of the new Isotta Fraschini: the engine, transmission, gear unit, suspension unit and braking system.
The Audi-based T8 has been premiered at the 1996 Geneva Autoshow in coupé and cabriolet form. It's not as horrible as the Rinspeed Talbo but to see a famous name revived in such a way first made me laugh, than made me bitter: money can buy everything.
"It is ... realistic to project that within three years, the car will reach a market share of at least 10 % with an overall annual production rate of 5000 cars, equally shared between the European and the North-American markets." - taken from the press release.
The radiator grid in chromed steel with vertical bars and the "IF" logo are based on the mythical 8 cylinder models of the twenties and thirties.
The rear end of the Isotta T8 is inspired by the 8 cylinder Monterosa, designed during the late 1940s, featuring drooping, tapering tails with curved tail lights.
Th body is made of aluminiuum alloy, The construction of the body is a trellis shaped structure made out of sheet metal to support the chassis.
The cabin is mixed: the dashboard, seats, door panels, steering wheel and gear shift are upholstered in leather while the central tunnel is in naked carbon fiber.
The instrument panel features four round instruments, a series of pilot lamps, and the large visual display of the on-board computer.
Seats are equipped with electronic adjustment and memory. Safety belts and hoops are integrated into the seats.

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