Renault Initiale

Remember or have You heard about the behemoths of the '30s like the Renault Vivastella, 40CV etc? They're goin' to be back!
Patrick le Quement, head of the Reanult design dept. is on the loose again, this time with the help of the G-Studio from Nothern Italy. The result? A possible variation of the Safrane replacement due for introduction in 1996. The name is Initiale (codename Z06). The shape was mainly drawn in Italy but the massive rear window and the hinges to attach the boot lid was done in France. They patented lots of new features. Imagine how easy should've been then process, when they tried to find a way to hing the boot lid from the top which is also made of glass (tinted)!
The engine sourcing from the Formula 1: detuned Renault Sport RS6 V10, which pumps out 288 kW (392 HP) @ 8000 rpm from 3.5 litres. All four wheels are driven through beefed-up Safrane Biturbo hardware and a specially built six- speed racing gearbox with F1-style sequential operation. The max. speed is 190 mph (306 km/h)
With more than 3 metres long wheelbase and there's room inside. (overall length is 4881 mm) for four persons. When You enter to the car a panel disappears in front of the instruments (a la piano). Passengers can watch TV, video or laser disc. The glass-roof serves as screen.
New Mercedes S-class watch out!

Image gallery:

View from the side with special, Lous Vuitton-designed suitcases. A special for the Initiale.
The huge V-shaped rear door opens high.
Special Argos-like front headlights.
Here's the heart of the car: 3.5 litres, 282 kW (392 HP).
"Look at me" style shines from every angle.
Massive seats for the passengers.
Turn the ignition key and the instrument panel unfolds.
Dimensions: l/w/h: 4881/1995/1443 mm.
One for those who likes girls with cars

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