Created: 13 February, 1996
Updated: 8 October, 2005

The maintaineer's introduction

My name is Pal Negyesi and in November, 2005 I will be 32
Graduated as a librarian and as a communication expert I am now managing director of Global Auto Systems Europe, a company specializing itself on Central European automotive industry research, analysis and consulting. We also maintain Autoindex site, a complete catalogue of current carmakers.
Also I've written a book on the history of Méray, the first Hungarian motorcycle company, contributed to the Beaulieu Encyclopedia of Automobiles which received a Cugnot Award from the Society of Automotive Historians - which I am a very proud member of! I also participated in another book on the history of Ford and Hungarians at the Ford factory which was sponsored by Ford Hungary in 2001.

The site

I've been interested in the "dark side" of automotive history for many years now, like coachbuilders, cars from exotic countries (anyone out there with info on cars built in Puerto Rico :-)?), specialty cars etc. Back in the mid-1990s when the WWW was still in its infancy I first set up an FTP site for specialist cars and general car pictures in 1994. Then in 1995 the KTUD website was created.
KTUD is an abbrevation for Könyvtártudomány which means
Librarian Studies.
The name of this WWW/ftp archive is a tribute to the faculty where I was learning and where the archive was first located.
Here I'm not featuring uncredited or "stolen" photos. Sometimes there are pictures from factory press releases and pre-2nd World War magazines though.

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