Current Italian sportscars

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Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider

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The new Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider are the most exciting new cars from this famous Italian carmaker. It's available since the 13th of May on the most important markets, like Germany, Italy and France. Please let me know if You want details, not just pictures. I'm currently too busy doin' off-line journalism and in addition to that I'm in the middle of the exam period. But if I will receive Yer e-mails I will jot down some details.

Fiat Barchetta

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Fiat's own 2-seater small sportscar. Instead of a non-roof version of the Coupe they created a totally different model. It's powered by a 4-cyl. engine with a power of 96 kW (131 HP) and a displacement of 1747 cc. This engine was NOT taken from the Punto (although they took over lots of elements from that car, hence the cheap price), this was developed exclusively for the Barchetta.

You have to close/open the black vinyl-roof manually. Fiat engineers did everything for the safety: sidebars, driver's airbag, strengthened windshield etc. The car is only 3.9 m long and 1.27 m tall and weighs 1060 kg. Max. speed is 200 km/h.

Equipment: there isn't ABS, but You have radio, casette player, electric- operated windows and other gadgets.

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