In the 1960s George Jeffrey built a car for the 75 Formula and then progressed to other cars for low-cost formulae. There was no intention to produce a road car until customers began to talk about running Jeffrey Clubmans cars on the road. George did not think this was a good idea, because of the cars had not been designed for that, and so in 1971 he produced a bespoke car. The J4 was a sports car on Clubman lines with a space frame, fibreglass and aluminium body, Triumph Herald front suspension, Ford or Morris rear axle and Mini steering. THe customer specified the power unit, which was usually Ford and choices ranged from a 997cc Anglia unit to a
The J5 (pictured) of late 1972 was an improved version with a redesigned space frame to cope better with bumpy roads and to make assembly easier.
Between 1971 and 1975, production was 30 J4s and 32 J5s.

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