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1996 September 14: First Hungarian MITSUBISHI meeting.

The Hungarian Mitsubishi Club was established about a year ago, in June, 1995. Its president is Gábor [Gabriel] Borszéki.

The aims of this association is to gather the Hungarian Mitsubishi car owners and supporters together, to increase the recognition of Mitsubishi. We'd like to provide an information channel for the Mitsubishi enthusiasts. We're continuously contacting with other clubs in- and outside Hungary and with other associations, companies which have something in common with the aims of this club.

Gábor Borszéki is one of the most enthusiastic Mitsubishi fan in Hungary. Since the autumn of 1993, we're publishing a Mitsubishi-magazine, titled Három Gyémánt [Three Diamonds] which in addition to Mitsubishi cars, featured the whole Mitsubishi world from Nikon cameras, to the products of Mitsubishi Electric. This mag became the newsletter of the club. You can download the cover picture.
Naturally the magazine now mainly focus on cars and the club activities.
You can subscribe to the magazine via e-mail or You can join to the club:

Mitsubishi Klub H-1144 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 17 HUNGARY Tel: (+36-1) 1644-184.

The club is open for everyone, not just for owners' but for fans etc. as well if he pays the membership fee and signs the fundamental rules. The fee is HUF 1000 [$8 outside Hungary].

    What's the advantages of being a club member?
  • The 16-pages Három Gyémánt quarterly is free of charge.
  • There are discount offers for members from the supporters. From time to time there are announcements about these offers
  • They can attend the club meeting on the first Monday of every month where they can receive news from the world of Mitsubishi, can meet with other fans and sometimes can listen to interviews with Mitsubishi racers.
    Here's the list of supporter members (the asterisk means there You can enter to the club.

* 1. Duna Interservice Kft:
Official Mitsubishi dealer and repairshop. 4 % discount is given in case of buying a new car or accessory; in case of repairwork: 4 % discount from the price of the used material, 6 % discount from the labour cost. Address of autosalon: 1134 Bp., Róbert K. krt. 47. Tel: 270-2121
Central offices: 1037 Bp., Zay utca 24. Tel: 188-9175
Repairshop: 1037 Bp., Zay utca 24. Tel: 168-6871

* 2. MATT-KER Bt:
Mitsubishi parts shop
Every member, who buys 50.000 HUF worths of goods, receives a 10 % discount.
1131 Budapest, Kámfor u. 16/a.
Tel: 1601-027

Licence plate engraving
Tel: 271-3971 or 261-6652

travel agency
5 % discount is given from all of their prices. 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 21. Tel: 266-7049

The Hungarian distirbutor of Mitsubishi Electric gives 10 % discount in case of buying TV, video, safety videos and cameras or projectors.
XI. Budapest, Sztoczek u. 13. Tel: 209-2460

1158 Budapest, Drégelyvár u 64.
1136 Budapest, Tátra u. 23/b
Tel: 149-0684
10 % discount from the price of Gold Eagle products, such as motor oils, waxes etc.

7. B.ON.T.EX
Karosszéria és Motor Tuning Kft (Body Tuning)
1204 Budapest, Damjanich u. 40/B
Tel/Fax: 283-1092
10 % discount.

* 8. Pataricza Sándor:
Mitsubishi parts.
10 % discount. 1202 Budapest, Beszterce u. 15. Tel: 06-30-426-355

9. Dr. Pongrácz Krisztina:
lawyer. Free advice, dates have to be settled before.
Budapest, VII. ker. Rottenbiller u. 33. Tel: 342-7171, 06-20-344-213

10. Fehér Zoltán
1158 Budapest, Adria u. 11
Tel: 06-30-418-508
10 % discount

11. Hellas Hálózat
Kereskedelmi Ipari Szolgáltató Kft. (Trading Company)
Szentes: Hadzsy János út 3. 10 % discount is given for Mediterranean drinks, CHianti, Ouzó Metaxa, Italian and Canadian beers, sea salt, flour and sugar bought from this warehouse. Also applied to special furnitures made by "Efessos Enteriör"; and AEG hand tools.
5 % lift from the bill is given for members at the Görög Udvar (Greek Court) restaurant in Kecskemét.
More details: Tel: (63) 313-597

12. Mobil-E Egyesület
The Mobil-E Association offers repair manuals for sale. Discounts: 15 % for Hungarian language books, 10 % for other languages. Other car-books is available if comissioned (with 5-10 % discount) Tel: 420-4912.

First Hungarian MITSUBISHI meeting

It will take place in Budapest, the "Obuda Hajogyari Sziget" at the "Honved udulo" throughout Saturday, the 14th of September, 1996.
There'll be plenty of action for the whole family: experts will take care of the kids while the adults should entertain themselves with a Mitsubishi quiz, listening to music, taking part in fun events.
If You want to hear more details write to
Soon to come:
- more news about the club
- photo-galery of the members' cars.

Copyright: 1996 Mitsubishi Klub Magyarország, Paul Négyesi