What others say about this archive?

"Even if you came across KTUD by accident or by one of the many links to it among automotive hobbyist Web sites, you might not realize what you had found. ... you will be amazed at what is hidden beneath. For sure, it doesn't get any prettier, and the first items in the index might only tweak your curiosity. But scroll down farther and you will find, in "plain ABC order," an absolutely stunning list of automobiles, the vast majority of which you probably never knew existed" - Ottawa Citizen, October, 1999 Written by Grant Yoxon, webmaster of the CanadianDriver mag.

"One of the more esoteric and rewarding sites on the Web... Don't miss it!" - Automobile Magazine, December 1995

"Your KTUD pages are brilliant". - Gerard Sauer from Automotive Consultants, a British company, December, 1997

Dig deep enough among the 'buff sites' and some gems come to the surface. ... Unknown vehicles from Hungary, Poland and neighbouring states are well described in 'East European cars from the past 100 years'". - Car, September, 1996

"Your pages of one car contain as much information as some sites as a whole" - Pasi Isotalus. He's maintaining a very comprehensive list of vehicle pages on the Net.

"Thanks for the handy-dandy Web pages on British specialty cars". - Matt Stone, Californian journalist, now feature editor of Motor Trend

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