Pilgrim Bulldog

It all started in 1984. The first prototype was ugly. But luckily, Den Tanner, the car's designer, met up with sculptor and glassfibre wizard Bill Harling, who had been responsible for much of the decor at Heathrow and some of the stage sets for rock supergroup Yes. Harling redesigned the car.
Marris Marina mechanicals and no doors may not sound an exciting recipe, but the Bulldog caught on instantly. The reason? Nowhere else coudl you buy a body/chassis kit with anything like the Pilgrim's quiality for just 876 pound. More than 40 were sold in under six months and the figures continued to rise after doors became available and the rather odd front and rear were restyled.
Since then: Pilgrim launched several models, a cheap but ultra-low quality Cobra replica (a friend of mine currently builds one so he knows), named Sumo, Cortina-base for the Bulldog, 4-seater bulldog named Family Tourer. The latest model is a replica of the Aston Martin Vantage.

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