Ronart W152

Arhtur Wolstenholme's superb Ronart W152 (styled after the Mercedes W152) was perhaps the purest and most powerful fun car of the Eighties. Its minimalist styling, and its thunderous Jaguar power made it an imposingly impractical conveyance.
Launched in 1986, the Ronart used a Spyder backbone spaceframe chassis with a choice of either aluminium or GRP bodywork. Jag XJ6 or XJ12 engines could be fitted, and one Ronart was even sold with a bored-out Lister seven-litre V12 for shattering performance. For the less hardy, a full windscreen and hood could cover the otherwise massively exposed cockpit.
Expensive but beautifully finished, the W152 is one of the all-time greats of the kit car world.
Mike Lawrence who cannot be dubbed as friends of kits said:

"A serious piece of machinery, and one of the very few cars sold as kits which merit the term 'desirable')."


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