Dacon 828

DACON was the name of a Porsche and VW Distribuitor localized in São Paulo city, the "DACON 828" was envisioned by Paulo Aguiar (owner of the company), designed by Anisio Campos (designer of the PUMA and the buggie Kadron ) and the first series of 11 cars were produced at Puma's factory. Later DACON set up a little factory on their own.
The 828 means: 82 is the year when the car was introduced and 8 is the number of the project. The number 828 is also sounds similar to the Porsche 928 and the back of the "DACON 828" resembles the back of the Porsche 928.
DACON sold the 828 between 1983 and July,94. They sold only 47 cars, the high price and the little market of this kind of car in Brazil was impractical.
DACON 828 features a 1,6 liter VW boxer engine and 4-speed gearbox, 2 Solex carburators. Total weight is 650 Kg, only one big seat for 3 people, but only 2 belts. The length of the car is 2,65 m.
The poliester fiberglass body have a cock pit like a ball, the front is another part attached by four screws, two screws in the lateral and two are near the tires.
The first 4 cars had 10" tires, but afterwards the size of the tires were 13" ( 175 x 70 x13 ).

These information and pictures were submitted by Vitorio Juliani in August, 2003. He says: "My car was restored like the original, but have tires Pirelli P Zero for competition ( 185 x 55 x 13 ) , in the future I will change to 175 x 70, because the car will be soft than today. The DACON 828 is evaluated in Brasil around USD 12,000 ( a perfect car)"

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