Spectre R42

It was a few years ago that GT Developments, the renowned manufacturer of Ford GT40 replicas exhibited the R42 at the London Motor Show. It was the modern reincarnation of the GT40, a sort of Ford GT90, before Ford did their own GT90 :-)!

But the company folded under the development costs of the car. Enters Spectre, a British-offshoot of the American company with the same name. They bought the whole project, with leader Ray Christopher.
Ray was out and Anders Hildebrand was in. He reorganized production, teased the investors and even put a famous name on top of the company: Derek Bell as their Chairman. And the result? In 1996 they sold 23 cars, which isn't bad for such a car and then in 1997 the company went bankrupt :(

The car was back in a few months as the Spectre R45 and they now have their own Website.

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