Iain Ayre, who provided a bunch of pictures to this section created this replica late 1994. It was originally known as the Brookland Speed Six, but then the Brookland Trust vetoed the idea. For the not-so- experts: this is the replica of the Jag XK120.
The chassis is a cross between a racing car and a railway bridge, with the basic ladder chassis reinforced by uper level beams and a structural transmission tunnel. Safety was important in the design, with soft zones front and rear and the bulkheads and floors completely panelled in 3mm sheet steel. A wide range of options is planned from low budget lightweight historic replica racers to reproductions visually indistinguishable from the real thing.
Donor is the Jag XJ6, which provides power, suspension, brakes, wheels, instruments etc. The body panels are supplied pre-fitted to the chassis to elminate body fit problems during the build.
The current state of this replica is unknown.

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