Jack H. Turner made several specials, as well as designing engines, before turning to car manufacture, in which he was one of the more succesful and respected specialists of the 1950s. His first cars (1951-52) were real specials.
Turner's definitive Sports was launched in 1959 with a restyled body-variant of its predecessor, the 950 Sports. It was still based on the Austin A35. Coventry-Climax-engined Turners, good for 100 mph, and scored some competition wins. The Mk II (1960) and Mk III (1963) brought Ford Engines to the marque, as well as Triumph Herald front suspension.
In 1996 Turner's illness effectively brught the firm's trading to an end.

Turner Car production table*

Best Estimates of Numbers Produced
Model Dates Specification Number
Turner Special 1949 Single seat supercharged racing car Based on pre-war MG Magnette 1
Bardon Turner 1950 500cc Formula 3 racing car 1
Early Production 1950-53 First batch of chassis. Various bodies Including Formula 2 racing car 8
Kieft Turner 1954 Kieft Formula 3 racing car with Turner. 4-cylinder twin-ohc 500cc engine 2
803 1955-57 BMC A 803cc 40
1957-58 BMC A 948cc 65
950 1958-59 BMC A 948cc 161
Climax FWA 5
Mk I 1959-61 BMC A 948cc 106
Climax FWA 35
Climax FWE 1
Alexander BMC 17
Mk II 1961-63 BMC A 948cc 58
Alexander BMC 20
Climax FWA 6
Climax FWB 17
Ford 105E 997cc 12
Ford 109E 1340cc 31
Ford 116E 1500cc 17
MK III 1964-66 Ford 122E 71
BMC A 1098cc 1
GT 1961-64 Ford 109E/116E 10
Total Number of Turner Cars Produced: 685

Still Known to Exist (not necessarily in running order) - January 1999
Country Number
UK 124
USA 90
Continental Europe 28
Australia 9
New Zealand 3
Canada 2
Japan, Malta, S.Africa, Sri Lanka 1-1
Total Number in 'known' existence: 260
Courtesy of Tim Atkins

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