Car Craft

The Whiteman family business is called Car Craft (located in England) and has been in existence for more than a decade, handling all sorts of body repairs, restorations and resprays. In 1991 they introduced a Fiat 126 based small two seater sportscar (?!). This car was an immediate success. It's good lookin', cheap and called Zero.
Within months arrived the Cosworth Zero with a 45 bhp engine developed from the basic 650cc air cooled twi-cylinder engine. This was made with the help of a SU carb, modified head, Kent camshaft and Ansa exhaust system. In 1994 started the development of a new car, named the Cyclone.
Soon Car Craft decided to concentrate on the Cyclone so they sold the Zero project to the Fiat Recycling Centre of London (7 Doyle Road, London SE25 5JN, United Kingdom).

The Cyclone has one simple purpose: practical performance. It's based on a space-frame chassis with a mid-mounted transverse Vauxhall engine, and fully adjustable high spec double-wishbone and AVO pro-race coil/over suspension and disc brakes all round operated by balance adjustable twin master cylinders.
Cavalier SRI engines are pretty lusty, while 16-valve versions of the light and powerful Vauxhall four-cylinder engine can provide stonking performance, and lightweight and Ford Zetec powered versions were also available.

As 2000 approached news leaked out from the factory that a new model will be offered so production of the Cyclone is slowly phasing out.

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