Kobalt Tools

Last update: Feb. 10, 2003

On 20 Jul 2000 ; I received the following email from "Heidi Schuck" with an update on Kobalt tools:

I work for Husky Tools, and I wanted to bring to your attention that Kobalt is not made by Snap-On. The truth is that Snap-On owns the plant where Kobalt is made, but don't actually have anything to do with the forging or any part of the production. This is similar to the way Stanley owns National Hand Tools....the plant that makes Husky, MAC and Proto, however, NHT actually does make these three major name brands, along with many other smaller brands.

I felt I should point this out because I didn't want for anyone to think that Kobalt is as good of a tool as Snap-On. I can't speak from a technical standpoint, but I can say I have used Kobalt tools and have personally found they are an inferior quality tool....in comparison to Snap-On, Craftsman and yes, to Husky Tools as well. As Kobalt is a direct competitor to Husky, it bothers me that Lowes is promoting Kobalt as a Snap-On tool, when they are as different as night and day. However, I understand we all work under marketing programs that only want to increase sales for our own brands.

Thank you.

On Feb. 6, 2003; I received the following email from Dave Johnson with an update on Kobalt tools:

Just to update on the Lowe's Kobalt line, Kobalt is no longer going to be made by J.H. Williams (a division of Snap On). The new tools are to be made by Danaher. I have been told that the majority of the tools will be made to the exact same specifications as the older tools made by Williams. The new tools boxes are to be made by Waterloo. The tools boxes hit the stores next month. The tools arive sometime around april. I learned this when I called there customer service number, 1-888-3KOBALT.