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This is a rudimentary attempt at a web site for the cars of the Rootes Group. Please e-mail the page maintainer with any comments about or submissions for the page.

What's new on the Rootes page

A short history of the Rootes Group

Rex Funk's massive Rootes bibliography

Chris McGovern's list of Rootes Group chassis numbers

Chris McGovern's list of Rootes Group films


Rootes Group books and publications

Mailing lists

There are several electronic mailing lists dedicated to Rootes Group cars.

The Tigers list is for discussion of the Sunbeam Tiger. There is some discussion here which is pertinent to the '59-'68 Alpine. Volume on this list is low to moderate, 5 to 10 messages per day, occasionally more.

The Alpines list is mainly for discussion of the 1959-68 Alpines, but discussion of any postwar 4-cylinder Rootes Group car is welcome. List volume is low.

The Hillman list is for discussion of all things Hillman. List volume is very low.

See the individual web pages for information on subscribing to the e-mail lists, or click here to see all the known British-car-related mailing lists.

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