Re: Valance on a Series 1

From: Lorie Ritchie (lorie(at)
Date: Fri Sep 20 1996 - 12:08:39 CDT

>>The valance on my series 1 looks like it was mangled when the front
>>bumper came (ripped!) off. How difficult is it to replace this peice
>>of metal? And more importantly, does anyone have one or a source for
>>Also, has anyone used POR 15 in their floor pans? Is this product as
>>good as they claim? Any pearls of wisdom are eagerly welcomed!
>>Howard Altman
>>Series 1 Alpine B9003995 LRX
>(1-800-255-0088)have the part you need.
>On my series one I used EASTWOOD CO. (1-800-345-1178) products and they
>were very good. I've found por 15 products to be overpriced and not as
>good as eastwood co. products. I used there " oxisolv" an acid for
>treating rust on my floor pans, and then I used there "rubberized
>undercoating" to coat the floor. This was similiar to what the factory
>did. Hope this helps if you need more info just ask. Regards Armand
>ps. They all have free catalogs.

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